COMPASS INTL SDN. BHD. To be a guiding light on the life of journey that is not easily visible
Getting the right information and knowledge that is the most important thing for carry on living.

The world is flooded with all sorts of information. It has become difficult to know whether information is correct or incorrect.

Particularly in the areas of finance and asset management, which are essential for our carry on living, there is still a severe information gap between companies and individuals, resulting in unfairly high commission payments and fraud.

In addition, it is even more difficult to obtain reliable and detailed information on foreign finance and asset management in Japan. We operate owned media, providing carefully selected financial information to people around the world.

We aim to provide you with correct information (and experiences) to enrich your life, and to be a guiding (COMPASS) media for your life.

Our Service
Procedural support for various
investment products
in detail
Investment and investment management
media management
in detail
Procedural support for various
investment products

Overseas life insurance, overseas offshore investments, hedge funds, overseas real estate, private equity, etc.

We can introduce you to providers and IFAs for all investment product procedures worldwide.

We also provide after-sales support for contract procedures, including translation services and various post-contract changes.

About Partnership

Investment and investment management
media management

It provides information on products handled by provider and IFA companies worldwide, as well as on distributor companies.

In addition to this, we intend to provide previously little-known information on past accident incidents and valuations of each product and each company.

We will help to foster your knowledge of asset building.

We also provide research reports on companies and products on request.


Company Info
Address No. 1, Jalan Pinang, Level 31(3183), Menara Prestige, Kuala Lumpur 50450, Malaysia
Registration number 202201001034 (1446731-X)
Date of Establishment 7/1/2022
Name of Representative
Business We manage media providing information on all investment products from around the world, conduct company research and provide contract support.

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